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A bit about us...

Established since 2006, Dynamics Media specialises in video production, aerial filming and green-screen filming projects. We value positive, honest relationships above all else and firmly believe it’s our enthusiasm, creative approach and unwavering commitment to the project that makes us different – and keeps us in demand.

We have produced hundreds successful video projects for local, national and multi-national businesses – particularly within the key speciality areas highlighted in this website.  We have active experience working all over the UK, as well as in Europe and the Middle East. And we love what what we do, so our passion and experience will always get the project delivered.


We have the experience, the right equipment and a wealth of industry knowledge to offer.  

Trust us to cover your projects – whether it’s a single camera or requires multiple cameras and angles. We can add jibs, drones and other specialist cameras and filming gear to get the best possible outcome. Audio will be professionally recorded and we have highly specialist AV and lighting partners – all working together to really bring your project to life. 

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