Full CAA Operational Authority


Aerial filming & photography expertise opens up exciting new possibilities for our clients. It produces smooth and highly-engaging footage and features regularly within our shoots for that extra ‘wow factor’!

Our UAV (drone) gives us the versatility to shoot smooth, broadcast-quality footage up to a staggering 5.4k resolution. This offers an flexible options for our property, event, entertainment, leisure, corporate or television clients. Whether it’s creating amazing establisher shots, following the action at lower levels or flying through terrain that’s inaccessible to other equipment, a good pilot can produce highly-engaging ‘kinetic’ footage that always impresses.

Completing more than 100 commercial projects throughout the UK and Europe since 2014 and maintaining the most comprehensive Operational Authority from the CAA, UAV pilot Jason has successfully contributed aerial footage to promotional videos, adverts, documentaries, corporate productions, training films, events and television projects.

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We work for many property clients, agents and asset managers.

We create highly engaging and professional promotional videos that can really make a property stand out.
A video presents a far more immersive experience of a building and is ten times more likely to be shared, so it’s no coincidence that almost every property we have filmed and photographed has successfully rented or sold.


We have the experience, the right equipment and a mild addiction to aerial footage!  

For us, a drone was not a gimmick or a novelty item, we saw so much potential to take advantage of these new angles and filming abilities. So as soon as the technology was available and up to standard, we knew it would add an amazing element to many our productions.  It’s fair to say we were early-adopters and we have been integrating drone footage since 2014. Fully licenced, fully insured, ready to go!

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