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There can be few better places to get creative than within green-screen and studio filming environments. And this studio provides an ideal, hassle-free space for recording, well, whatever you can think of!

Perhaps you want to spice up your presentation or pitch videos, or record professional training or demos – or shoot a whole commercial series or music video? Maybe you want to take power-up your social channel to the next level and record multiple videos in one session for ongoing release? 

This fully pre-lit, 40 sq/m environment features a super-wide (3 metre) colorama green backdrop, as well as white and black options. We take care of all your filming, camera, lighting and audio recording requirements. We can fully support all studio projects with additional equipment and personnel, including teleprompters, make-up artists, presenters,  and dressing area as required. You can book for a half or full days – and the coffee is on us.

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A fully-managed green-screen environment

As of early 2021, we have recorded more than 400 green-screen projects. From presenter-led and website content, social video content commercials, training videos, dance routines, children’s shows, how-to and even complete music videos with professional sound recording. 


We have recorded over 500 videos in our studios so we know how to get the best out of the environments.

We have the experience, the right equipment and a wealth of studio experience to offer. Many of the videos are green-screen productions, and we are genuinely expert at both setting up for this type of filming and at the specialist editing required to get the most impact and engagement out of your footage.

As with all our productions we are very happy to work with you on scripting and ideas, and studio filming is no exception. It’s all handled in-house, allowing you to deliver with confidence and maximum impact.

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