A proven process for results

PRODUCTION IS a 3-stage process

The amount of each stage in the process varies according to the type and scope of your production, but virtually all of our videos follow a three stage process to ensure the best results and value for money.

1. Pre-Production - it always starts here...

The vital starting point of any video project, large or small. It is the stage that separates a great video from an average one and ensures that - when we start filming - everyone understands why, what, where, how and with whom it is going to happen.

In practical terms, it will usually include running through preparation for different creative concepts or approaches, presenting ideas and ascertaining what people, locations, equipment - and everything in between - might be required. It may also include helping to write the scripts and scenes, producing shot-lists and guided content, agreeing on locations and props, procuring any on-screen talent or resources and producing the appropriate documentation to support the production.

Pre-production covers concept through to final edit notes. It helps establish the real objectives of the production, focuses all eyes on those objectives and helps finalise all the elements involved with how your video will look, sound, and perform.

2. Filming - light cameras, action...

With the parameters of your video established, now is the time for your fully prepared location Crew to get to work. Whether it's in the Studio, at your premises or on location anywhere within the UK and Europe.

On a smaller project, such as a Talking Head/Interview, Social video or other 'piece to camera' the crew might consist of just one well-equipped Operator and maybe a Production Assistant. We will always record professional audio, manage lighting and coordinate all aspects of the filming project with you. Similarly, our crew may expand to consist of multiple Camera Ops and camera types, including Jibs and Drones, plus a Sound Engineer, Lighting Director, full AV crew, Makeup Artist, Producers, Directors - and everything in-between! It's all led by the project.

The objective is always to capture enough top-quality footage and audio to completely support the production, shot lists, running orders and other content - all within the timescales allocated. With all footage backed-up on site, it also makes the subsequent editing & post-production much more effective - and able to produce the result you want.

3. Editing & Post Production - movie magic...

Once all the footage and audio has been captured, the editing process begins. Put simply, this means importing, selecting and editing of the filmed sequences - plus the addition of graphics, music, effects, grades and other post-production magic!

All editing is undertaken by trusted and very experienced Crew members. Using primarily Apple's Final Cut Pro and Motion, but also Adobe's Premier and After Effects packages. We have edited everything from basic videos, through to specialist aerial and slo-motion, and right up to full broadcast level for Sky Television. We can also provide extensive Stock Footage and Audio and Graphic Design resources.

Great editing relies on capturing suitably high-quality footage, focusing on the target audience and, of course, our creative imagination. Our proven production process and incredibly varied editing experience ensures a winning outcome.


We have the experience, the right equipment and a wealth of industry knowledge to offer.  

Trust us to cover your projects – whether it’s a single camera or requires multiple cameras and angles. We can add jibs, drones and other specialist cameras and filming gear to get the best possible outcome. Audio will be professionally recorded and we have highly specialist AV and lighting partners – all working together to really bring your project to life. 

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